Care of Extremity Injuries

Our Mangled Extremity Program (Stable Trauma) is a referral-based system for people who have sustained a trauma to one or more of their extremities and need medical specialists for reconstruction of the extremity. Our team of physician accepts patients who are medically stable following significant trauma that has resulted in complex extremity injury. Through our  referral coordinator, we will work with you to arrange for the transfer of a patient to our Extremities at Risk team. Call 1-800-262-5462 to discuss a patient transfer.





Case Studies

Gun shot wound left hand - Dr. Conrad Tirre

A 20 year old left hand dominant man was referred to The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk for a self inflicted gun shot wound to the left hand caused by a .40 caliber hand gun. This wound was previously debrided by another physician and K-wire was placed for stabilization of the metacarpal.

Gsw 1  gsw 2 
 Gun shot wound after debridement   
Xray hand  
 Pre-op Xray


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Crush Injury to the Arm


The Mangled Extremity team was contacted about a man that sustained a work-related injury when he fell while working on a road construction crew. His arm was pinned under the road compacting machine for a number of minutes.  He was taken emergently to a trauma center and after he was stabilized the Extremities at Risk team was contacted. He was transferred to Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center for care of his arm. The image to the right shows the soft tissue loss on the top surface of his arm. His hand is swollen from the injury.





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Crush Injury to Lower Legs

Leg_crush_initial_xrayThe Mangled Extremity Team at The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk was contacted about a young man who had been injured in an accident where he was pinned between the bumper of two cars causing severe fractures of both legs. He was transported from the accident to a local hospital where he was cleared of other trauma, then taken to the operating room for debridement and stabilization of the his lower leg fractures with external fixation devices. After the fractures were stabilized he was transferred to Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center for further management.

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meet the team

David Schnur, MD
thumb_schnur_nov07Dr. David Schnur is one of three plastic surgeons with the mangled extremity program. He brings his expertise in soft tissue reconstructive procedures and vascularized bone flaps to the team.