Healing with Care

When a patient visits the physicians at the Bone Healing and Deformity Correction Program for The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk they will receive the benefit of over 20 years of expertise in management of bone healing problems. Our team works to provide a patient with a full assessment, and the optimal treatment plan to address a person's specific problem.


Bone Healing Case Studies

Correction of Bowleg Deformity

Varus_pre-opThis 16 year old male presented to the Bone Healing and Deformity Correction service line with significant right knee pain that he thought was due to a football injury a number of weeks before his clinic visit. He was experiencing significant knee pain and had started developing discomfort in his low back and hips. The standing films (image to the left) show significant "bowing" (varus deformity) of the right knee.  This patient was diagnosed with Blount's disease. The cause of Blount's disease is unknown but it causes the lower leg bone (tibia) to angle inward.  Long-term affects can be the bow-legged appearance that this patient shows.


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Correction of a Lower Leg Deformity

sb_recurvatThis 48 year old male was referred to our program because of deformity of his lower leg. He was struck by a car in 1987 when he was crossing the street. Both of his legs (tibia bones) were broken as a result of the accident. The fractures were surgically repaired but his right leg healed in a bowed manner which left him shorter on the left than the right, "knock-kneed" on the left, and with a potential for knee and ankle problems in the future.

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Allograft Bone Transplant after Oil Rig Blast Injury

DJ on arrivalThe Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk was contacted regarding a young man who was working on an oil rig when a compressor exploded nearby. Both his legs were severely injured, requiring the left leg be amputated at a trauma center in the area where the blast occurred. The right leg was also severely injured but there was an opportunity to save the right leg so the surgeons placed an external fixation device on his leg to best stabilize the fractures.  Physicians at the trauma center requested the patient be transferred to the Bone Healing team.When he arrived at Presebyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center the bone healing team agreed there was a good opportunity to save his right leg.


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Vascularized Bone Flap After a Construction Accident

Nonunion xrayThe Denver Clinic was contacted regarding a man who had developed a nonunion and rotational deformity 3 months after he required surgical repair of fractures he sustained from a fall at his work on a construction site.  He had fallen 8 feet, breaking his lower leg bone and a bone in his foot.  He was taken to an area trauma center where he underwent surgical fixation of the fractures.  He was referred to the bone healing program for management of the nonunion and rotational deformity that had developed.


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Meet the Team

Conrad J. Tirre, MD

tirre_nov07Conrad J. Tirre, MD is one of 3 plastic surgeons at The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk who is fellowship trained in hand and microvascular surgery.  The expertise of Dr. Tirre and the other plastic surgery team members allows the bone healing program to offer vascularized bone and soft tissue reconstructions that are not available in other programs.