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Military Veteran Benefiting from Advances in Prosthetic Technology

Bionic Ankle

Military veteran Jesse Murphree was injured northern Afghanistan. His injuries were so severe that his legs were amputated above the knees. He's been walking on prosthetic legs for about since then.

He has done quite well but really gets tired because of the energy it takes to walk on prosthetic legs. But, with the advances in prosthetic technology, Jesse will get some relief from some of the energy demand. He was fit with new bionic ankles which give him more "spring in his step".

Click HERE to watch the news story as aired on CBS News 4.

Life Changing Arm Prosthesis

9422545 vtfA young woman with an extremely rare bone condition travels from Georgia to be fit with a myoelectric arm prosthesis. Click on the image to watch the CBS 4 newstory about this remarkable woman and the impact the prosthesis will make on her life.


A day at the lake ends at the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk

PresStLukes-PosterDr. William Brown, a 5280 Top Doc, was able to successfully re-attach a young girl's hand after a jet ski accident at Boyd Lake in Loveland, Colorado. A nurse at the hospital Jamie was initially transferred to called the replant service at The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk because she saw a poster The Denver Clinic provides to all emergency departments regarding the care of traumatic amputation.  5280 magazine interviewed Dr. Brown and the patient regarding the accident and how she is doing now, 10 years later. Read the 5280 Top Docs 2013 article

Life in a Taylor Spatial Frame - Frame Camp

Once a month Denver Clinic paitients with a Taylor Spatial Frame attend Frame Camp. Patients and families can talk to others about life in a's not for the faint of heart. At the February 2013 Frame Camp, Denver's Channel 4 reporter Kathy Walsh visited with patients, families and Drs. David Hahn and John Polousky about the challenges patients might face when a Taylor Spatial Frame is used for bone healing or deformity corrections. Watch the news story by clicking here.

Taylor Spatial Frame

Improving the Lives of Amputees

Dr. Ron Hugate, Denver Clinic patient Woody Roseland, and the University of Denver senior engineering students are working together to improve the lives of amputees. This group is attempting to change the way we think about prosthetic fit.

Dr. Ron Hugate discusses permanent prosthetic research

New prosthetic research

Read more about Denver University's Center for Orthopedic Biomechanics.

Making life’s biggest miracle even bigger

Amanda Dschaakby Debra Melani

When the dreams of creating families began tugging at their hearts, Amanda Dschaak and Amanda Tyacke and their husbands faced nearly insurmountable odds. But through their strength and determination, and with the help of their dedicated medical staffs, the two couples overcame major health issues that were blocking their paths to parenthood.

Detecting Congenital Defects, Such as Hip Dysplasia, Early Boosts Outcomes for Babies

Pedatric Hip Dysplasiaby Debra Melani

Hip dysplasia wasn’t something Nicole Alden even thought about when her first child was born. In act, if it hadn’t been for an alert pediatrician, and her willingness to follow through with specialists on that doctor’s suspicion, her daughter could have been doomed to a life of painful disability.


Bone Cancer Patient Returns to Playing Golf

RISE Above

Cherry Creek High School’s Dani Urman returned to her favorite sport last semester after undergoing knee replacement and eight months of chemotherapy due to osteosarcoma of her left knee.

For the ESPN article click here

Quad Amputee Learning to Use New Hands

Julie_with_BethBeth is a patient of Dr. Skip Meier and Julie Klarich, OT, clinicians associated with the Amputee Program at The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk. She was featured in The Denver Post as she learns to use her I-limb prosthetics after her bout of sepsis resulted in her loss of all four limbs. Read the story by clicking on the following link - Beth's Story

Dr. Hugate Featured Discusses Osseointegration on Colorado Public Radio

Dr. Hugate was featured on Colorado Matters dissusing new technologies for amputees. Go to the story by clicking the following link - Dr. Hugate on Colorado Matters

Bone Tumor Surgery makes Colorado Teen the "Bionic Boy"

Ron Hugate, MD, Orthopedic Oncologist with the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk employed new technological advances in orthopedic surgery implants to rebuild a Colorado teen's leg after the teen underwent treatment for a bone tumor.


Jason Lansdown underwent the Extremities at Risk interarterial chemotherapy protocol to kill the osteosarcoma in his lower leg. After the bone tumor surgery and the tumore was removed, Dr. Hugate used foam metal technology to reconstruct Jason's leg. This technology allows bone to grow into the metal prosthesis, resulting in a reconstruction that is more natural bone than metal. Ultimately stronger, and potentially able to heal itself if necessary.

The Denver Clinic Publishes

The physicans and research department of The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk recently published 3 case reports -

Click on the article title to go to the on-line link to each publication.

Extremities at Risk Publishes - Best Reported Survival of Adult Osteosarcoma

The physicians of the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk have  published the best reported survival for adult osteosarcoma and MFH (malignant fibroushistiosarcoma) of bone in the article titled "Intraarterial Chemotherapy for Extremity Osteosarcoma and MFH in Adults".  The peer-reviewed article is in the June 2008 edition of Clinical Orthopedics and Related Research.

For full article click here

Avid Runner Chooses Amputation to Continue Running

After making the decision over 20 years ago to undergo a difficult surgery to keep his leg and continue running, Dateline NBC and Runners World Magazine tell the story of Tom White, an avid runner and physician from Buena Vista, Colorado. Dr. White underwent a surgery to re-attach his leg after a motorcycle accident nearly 20 years ago. At the time this was a decision made by a man who was a competitive runner, a man who knew how difficult running would be with an amputated leg.

Amazing Young Man Pursuing Dreams after Losing Arms and Legs

Josh survived a devastating illness that required both arms and legs be amputated in order to save his life.  He is now undergoing rehabilitation, learning how to use his extremities and prosthetics to continue to pursue his dreams of playing baseball. Click on the link to see his progress - Joshua's story.

Osteosarcoma Patient Donates his Make-a-Wish Grant to The Limb Preservation Foundation

JL make-a-wishA young man who underwent treatment at the Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk for bone cancer donated his Make-a-Wish grant to the Limb Preservation Foundation - an amazingly unselfish gesture to advance research into osteosarcoma, and in memory of another remarkable young man who died from the disease. Click here to view the story.

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