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The physicians of The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk will speak directly with physicians looking for options regarding a difficult patient problem.  By contacting our referral coordinator at 1-800-262-5462 we can determine how to best address a request.  This may be a physician to physician phone call, or we may request that a patient's images be sent to the coordinator so the physician can review images before making a recommendation.

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Jaren Riley, MD

thumb_J.Riley.pDr. Jaren Riley is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon with interest and expertise in pelvic reconstrction, pelvic and femoral osteotomy and spine surgery. In addition to his work at The Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk, he is a member of Rocky Mountain Pediatric Orthopedics. Dr. Riley is the lead researcher on a study of young athletes to determine if arthroscopy is safe and effectively gets them back to full and pain-free activity